5つのチベット体操 を行い 健康な体と美しい心、自由、内側からあふれるエネルギー そして歓びあふれる生き方を前身していきます。 Breath, life and vitality of the spirit, has helped guide our actions and lift our aspirations since day one∞Tibetan Exercises∞TibetanYOGA All Classes for Builingual service


Bring a total mental balance to the psyche and meditate on Truth, the true light that you are  - I am🙏

The mind serves you three ways. When it is neutral it will recognize the truth. When it is positive it will tell you the right direction to go and what good can be done. When it is negative it will warn you and protect you from harm and badness.
If the Positive Mind is weak, you are receiving daily frustrations and darkness. The input of your Negative Mind can be overwhelming&depressing. You may get angry, intolerant or hesitate to use your own power, your own fire and knowledge because you are afraid or doubtful of your own abilities. Hence frustration! 

See you tomorrow at Hiroo Tokyo.


The Full Moon Eclipse energies tomorrow and our Full Moon special class @ Shinmatsudo.

(Re)building Systems 
The Capricorn Full Moon is about rebuilding systems and it’s up to you and me and our authenticity as the collective to visualize and point towards a direction. 

It is a time that is associated with maturity and self-mastery.

This Full Moon Eclipse is like the final revelation, a gift that teaches you something important about the past and brings to a conclusion an/some old karmic lessons.

Capricorn is pushing you to mature, to stop doubting your self and learn what you are truly capable of when you work hard and commit.
With the opposing Sun in Cancer, the Divine Feminine, who embodies as the Earth Mother, part of you rather wants to close the front door, create a pillow fort and make the world out there go away🙈🙉

Eclipses are “Cosmic Recyclers,” removing what is over and done in your life. Whilst an eclipse shuts down some elements in your life, you are to embrace newer, different ways of doing.
Whatever is taken away/falling apart, by this Eclipse, makes space for you to take a new look at how secure or insecure you feel about who you are and what you're here to do. This one helps you to understand why many things began to fall away in 2019 in your maturation process.

A new way of life is fermenting below the surface, and surrendering the past to feed the future is the way to go now!

The next few months require a lot of maturity and self-discipline/authority as you/we together move through a time of change. 
Let go off the unnecessary, with grace and a sense of surrendering, to a greater life in the becoming.

Dig up new treasures and create foundations for future plantations.

Change is possible. Change is imminent. But it takes it's time and needs your patience.

Give voice to your greatest ideal and Trust that Change is the only constant, a dependable refuge until you know without a doubt the sacred essence which feeds you, is from a different place.
Reclaim your moral autonomy and internal authority to develope a relationship with your soul and the Divine, within and without.

Together as One, we are standing on the intersection of Fate Street and Free Will Street at the corner of Eternity Boulevard.

See you on the  mat!



The Sacret of Tibetan Yoga (English and Japanese,Bulingual class)
Anytime you can join our class,Please contact to our lesson.


※ 当会は全て予約制となります

お持物 動きやすい服装・お水・バスタオル

参加費 :
1回参加 ・3000円 


Price: One class 3,000yen     6 class ticket 15,840yen

This lesson is open to anyone who has never tried Yoga before
on those wishing to get back to basics.

You will be introduced to the principles of  TIBETAN YOGA Breething,
basics of fundamental poses,Asana for chest,shoulders,hips,backbends 
and deep relaxation as well as ORIGINAL TIBETAN YOGA.

Kinuko share with everyone the freedom,well-being and tranquility which TIBETAN YOGA.


❇︎                             ❇︎                                 ❇︎

TibeYOGA では、
チベット体操を含む伝統的な108のチベット体操(Tibetan Yogaと呼ばれる)すべてのアーサナ(ポーズ)、呼吸法、マントラ、瞑想など、手法を習得、理解し、それをベースに、日本の文化や感性、ライフスタイル、を活かし、楽しく実践できる生きる智慧を学んでいただけます。



お申し込みは/Contact and Prebooking



Allow your personal frequency to resonate with the greater orchestra of the cosmos!

You are keeping up the radiance and your vision in this celestial open window of light🙏

Grab from the universe the Jupiter energies and create a basic pattern of guidance through intuition.  The warm up will be effecting your whole glandular balance on July.

See you 
新松戸Shinmatsudo class and 広尾Hiroo class
On the mat.


Intentional Solstice meditations serve your mind in three ways.
 When it is neutral it will recognize the truth.
 When it is positive it will tell you the right direction to go and what good can be done. When it is negative it will warn you and protect you from harm and badness.

Success, happiness, and prosperity are a result of mastering the mind. The mind exists as a servant to your soul. When the mind is aligned with the soul, each thought that is stimulated from the intellect to eventually manifest into life is perceived and acted on with clarity and reality. Free your Mind TibeYOGA is inviting you.



Many blessings on this profound SOLSTICE as the cosmic wheel turns!

In the darkness of this solar eclipse we are safe to let it all go, to be no-one and yet everything, sure in the knowledge we can make yourself anew at any moment and nothing can take away the essence of who you truly are. 

To return home to oneself in this way is an act of great power in an age when so much distracts you from doing so…

Silence calls you now, not to shut out the world but to understand it anew.

Take a moment, slow down, and move past the clouds of the recent past so you can better see your path instead and have a vision about your future in the now.

Be clear about your boundaries as well, and what is and is not healthy for you. 

“Ask yourself, what is healthy for me now? 
How can I best care for myself at this very moment?
“How are my boundaries?"

Be totally honest with yourself about what you are capable of and if you give yourself enough breaks when you need them. 

We are starting this Solstice off with a weekend special to guide you through profound changes available supported by these solar/lunar celestail portal opening events. 

27th Saturday 

Many of you know her alredy from our zoom meetings  " free your mind”

If you hope to join zoom meeting 
Please inform me by e-mail,







【参加費】4,000円 (前納制)(定員に達次第募集終了)








(過去、アジア各地の孤児院への寄附、アジア数か所の 農村部学校への寄附・文具の提供等をしています)

*このレッスンの前に9:30-11:00 同部屋でチベット体操レッスンもございます。



Detoxification means cleansing the blood.

With each one of your heart beats, two million red blood cells are created and senfbt into your bloodstream. In these red blood cells, the complete attitude of your life -- at this very moment -- is recorded in the magnetic field of the red 'iron-rich' liquid. This is why you do meditations for eleven minutes -- it's a volume that is needed to create new blood. 

When you do meditations for thirty-one minutes or sixty-two minutes for 40/120 days you have additional volumes of newly created blood + a vast additional quantity of blood, all possessing an attitude that's fundamental to guiding your life . . . your intentional life. The body is run like a true democracy, and the red blood cells all have a vote as to who you are in any moment. Every time you tune into the divine master within you -- you are tuning into this democracy and it is a  relationship to infinity. Bring your metabolism into balance and resists disease in taking out the garbage with a healing Tibetan yoga and meditation class to cleanse the bloodstream!

See you on the mat🧘‍♀️
💡Hiroo class 13th Saturday  9:30-11:00
💡Shinmatsudo class14th Sunday 13:15-14:45



Today @ Hiroo TibeYOGA class🧘‍♀️

In Aquarian times you are empowered to think for your selves whatever it takes and take responsibility for your own well-being. 
You enjoy maturity of thought and behaviour without surrendering your sovereignty  to what others tell you to be true.

A Courageous thought, courageous speech, 
a courageous heart is open to a new world in which noone is told how things are but instead discern, through digesting the many perspectives and listening, most importantly, to the voice within that knows truth..

See you next week on the mat🧘



The Sagittarius Full Moon calls forward the quest for life’s meaning, the Philosopher's stone. With an underlying energy of the Mars warrior, tomorrow,  it challenges you to search for truth— the cosmic truth.

True belief comes from deep experiences. 

These Full Moon energies purpose will help you understand and define a new perspective.
You might have thought you are going one way, but often an Eclipse comes along to reveal a whole new path.

So ask yourself: What have I learned about myself in the past few month? How many people have I decided to trust and how many people did I alienate by expressing my truth? Or have I maybe been humbled by the truth about myself?

Clear subconscious patterns + thoughtforms to prepare for this / your new journey!

Remain open & intuitive as you allow yourself to sit with your emotions to have a breakthrough to be(come) Grace(full)😊