To keep your balance while dancing the energies of a Full Moon in Aries with sun in Libra requires an awareness in the inner ear. Keeping your balance with one another in the dance of a relationship, requires an immense awareness in the heart. It’s easy to fight when challenge/change occurs. It’s so much harder but at the same time more powerful to be just receptive in a neutral heart.
Know that you are a partner in a dance of life, the one part of a greater whole. In relation to all existing (chaos). The very nature of life is change - every second is different than the last, when you refuse/fear the change/challenge, you are out of flow with the rhythm in this dance of life itself. Let us move&meditate to create a momentum to break the chains of stagnation through fear.  11th @ Shinyahashira 10:30-12:00 spinal(mental) balance+care, 12th @ Shinmatsudo and 14th Shinjyukugyoen 10.30am-12.00pm  to embrace our true Self courageously in times of change💖