TibeToga チベット体操@Shinmatsudo and Shinjyukugyoen 25th As the emotional body of the feminine is opened, healing results and balance can be restored to the miraculously self-healing and evolving beings that you are. The Scorpio New Moon today reminds you that everything is fluid and as such water and your emotional body are the medium for transformation. When your emotional body is controlled by fear and anger, you create pain and suffering. When your emotional body resonates with the higher frequencies of love, change is easy and even pleasurable. It is a time for letting go of all that is non-essential.  Make use of the energy that Scorpio can embody so fully that teaches how to hold your power and bring it through the lower chakras and into the heart and beyond, mastering the art of being fully present, surrendered and aware. You find the gold of consciousness when you discover the divine within. Light the candle of the Divine in your mind and carry it with devotion to illuminate the path of your soul. New Moon blessings of Love and Light