We had a Special Full moon last night❗️
Let your spirit soar on this special Full Moon! The Moon promotes forgiveness, peace, clarity, equilibrium, compassion and works with the lumbago spine and adrenals. As this Moon and Sun in Aries come into opposition, this is an opportunity to balance your need to react with your ability to witness. The key phrase here is "Do I want to be right or do I want to be peaceful?"  
Release the need to shout above the crowd and replace it with a deep listening Ear and an open Heart. As the Libra Full Moon brings a Heart + Mind alignment you will be able to navigate the delicate balance of Me and We within all your relations better. If you quiet yor mind chatter, you can hear the call of your soul as it whispers ‘This Way! This Way and hear what is unspoken between you and me! Bend like a tree in the wind and grow beyond to gain perspective, neutrality and clarity on this balancing Day! See you on the mat in チベット体操 TibeYOGA class