FULL MOON IN TAURUS Gemstones and crystals are created deep within the Earth, in darkness, under pressure.
 Full Moon in Taurus , gives you a chance to appreciate the treasures gained from difficult circumstances, the beauty that is born from the Scorpionic depths.
Each life trauma unearths a jewel for the rich crown of wisdom.
The Taurus Moon invites you to sit in a forest, by a stream, next to a tree or on a cushion and discover your solid ground again. What do you stand on? What do You stand for? Can you allow your true values to support you when the wind, and your hot emotions, blows?
It’s a time of the year for honesty about this, because your truthfulness sometimes conceals deeper, hidden motivations; your actions + words do not always reflect humane values of kindness, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion. When your emotions churn, be as unshakable in the firm, kind confidence of your truth like a Great Oak!
In keeping with the spirit of Taurus, you don’t need to do much. just align your heartbeat with that of Mother Earth. Allow her energy to soothe your soul, ground you and remind you of what is eternal and true.
Just be cosy with it. Simply being aware of the pleasures of this Earth and this body that allows you to surrender& feel supported.”
 Use the energy of the moon as a leveller that brings you home to yourself and your physical body. The world out there can wait, surrender, be patient & reconnect with Mother Earth.
Experience just how fundamental the surrender (a most feminine action) to the Divine is for your survival!
YOU determine what you value and want to stand for, create in your life and carry forth into the next cycle of your evolution.  See you on the mat!😊