New Moon in Aquarius-Be-coming the Agent of Change Aquarius is a striking original thinker, equally gifted in the cerebral, social and creative spheres. 

The waterbearer is associated with travel, technology, science and living creatively.
The New moon in Aquarius has an ability to change everything without notice.

But ....Aquarius often forgets that real freedom comes from adaptation, optimism and detachment with a message for us all as One: You don’t really know what You THINK You know. "Knowing” does not come from books or academic posturing or carefully crafted algorithm. True knowledge says: all is well, it always has been, and always will!

In navigating new circumstances you have to ask your Self: why not? Why not change, why not make revisions to what I thought I knew? It’s not about failing to receive or losing what you have – in fact, the sudden changes rendered by Aquarius always deliver you to more fortuitous circumstances than those you could ever create or imagine.

Allow La Luna to speak to your Truth and be willing to see/own/call out the shadow. She is deep and penetrating and has a capacity to see into the shadow to shine a Light on it. Your mind might get quite the jolt via incoming information communication had/heard, insights arising and more.

 Go deep in your neditation today to see where you have been in denial or deluding yourself and
allow your desire for Truth to overpower your desire to escape, deny or stay small. Let the truth speaks to your visions, dreams and ideals that need to be grounded into reality. 
Warriors for the Truth arise!