This beautiful Moon reminds you that in essence and beyond it all, you are simply a force of nature like the tides and the wind and the burning sun.
“But in all things, the human instinct is to tame and control &exploit. You fear your raw power, overwhelming emotions, rage& all encompassing love for all as your mind tells you stories from the past or might happen in the future.

You objectify first, disconnecting from your collective heritage, and then judge, shape and control, be it your own feelings, other people or Mother Nature. Nothing is safe from use and abuse when you withdraw your own energy from it, perceiving it with fear.

This Virgo Full Moon urges you reversal of this trend, to look first within and then without, to see how you have divided and disenfranchised so many expressions of sacred source.

In challenging times first find new and innovative ways to navigate its often choppy waters, knowing that they are also times of rebirth and renewal, deep wisdom, transformational insight and life potentised anew.

This Moon comes to remind you that you are never alone, never cast out from the divine source of all things everywhere. You merely believe yourself to be, in one mighty misperception which is  challenged by the light of this Virgo Moon.

Being ready is an action to act upon, not a condition to wait for. Ready is the courageous act of facing fears that are always present in everyone, until they no longer face, control or limit you. Ready is about connecting with your projection, not your protection.

Breaking the codes through commitment  of this past time family language overrides the way your world is controlled from deep within history. This allows you to be courageously present in the present moment.

Courage is entering time to maximize it, not running ahead of or lagging behind it.

Be ready now to accept the challenge for growth that’s upon you+humanity. Take a courageous role in this, and share your love withall to replace theirfears- be the miracle for Self&'re gonne be OK🌟