When the Moon covers the Sun- we have the Unconscious overtaking the conscious self…
Happy New Moon in Cancer and Solar Eclipse

A whole new path is opening for you in a VERY HUGE WAY but first you have to see what needs to be left behind in order to move forward.
You are moving through the turnstile of life and this Eclipse portal takes you into liminal space.You are neither here nor there. You are not in the past but you are not yet fully moved into your future…

Speaking your Truth and taking action need to be balanced by awareness of others and awareness of where your ego and self-righteous personal perspective may be out of hand…
this Solar Eclipse is massively calling you forward towards a new path.

You have to be willing to let go of the life you have been living in order to live the life that is meant for you. This is not easy and takes courage, faith and trust– in yourself and in the Universe!
Cancer brings emotional healing in its wake.

A balanced communication is vital at this time, together with a willingness to accept that what may seem undoubtedly obvious to you may be opaquely inaccessible to others.
The time has come to own your sovereignty and claim your right to shape your own destiny.
Know that you already have what you need and healing happens when you embrace this fact and lay claim to everything that you are.

Taking full responsibility for every moment of your life can be a radical and terrifying act but also exciting, liberating and replete with potential. No more complaining. No one else to blame. No more self-pity. Just a state of pure intentionality in which you embody the power of fully being who you are.

Once the Eclipse is over you find illumination in the shadows, weaving from their darkness the resplendent threads of a radically sovereign life.