As you persist in your meditation you become more and more still. Your mind challenge that stillness; and that challenge gives you the chance to practice stillness once more; to become a witness to your own mind, your own feelings and sensations. Being a witness does not mean being passive. Retain your intention &project toward a destination. But you need the ability to keep your awareness open and expansive, even as you attend to a selected thought or event in your consciousness.

A common distraction that hijacks your effectiveness at this stage is frustration. Frustration comes as you face your limitations: You desire everything&you demand much. Everything in life has a sequence and a consequence. Each action, every thought, has an arc, a narrative of action and reaction, beginning and end, responsibility and consequence. Become fully present and in conscious relationship to your thoughts you instinctually begin to assess your resources, motivations and potential actions. Shift your source of energy from the ego, and its attachments and beliefs, to the clarity, commitment and subtle flow of the infinite Self. 

Understand the sequence, the organization and the steps that must be taken through your frustration and transform that towards creative projection of prosperity and committed sequences of actions that serve your future through meditative Self-Hypnosis 🧘‍♀️