Super Spring Equinox Day 2020🌈

The Eclipses have begun their work through the last 3 month of removing and recycling anything which helps clear the way for a more ‘light and bright’ heart expression…

See what has ended and what’s beginning. Use your insights to see a bigger picture, and use your powers of synthesis to see how your feelings and relationships will lead you to a vaster vision or understanding…

We’re all being led to a form of social rebirth and healing at this time of the equinox and Full Moon in Libra, so practice expressing the vision of your best version of you even if you don’t feel very strong or confident. You get to express your Higher Self in your own way on your own terms &be gentle with Self as you move into a new stabilized form of self-expression.

The coming 13 weeks will help us adjust so our personality strengths can find effective expression.

Your old life is already over; this Moon is a time to look back to see the wisdom in what ended and why, and how to move into a new form of self-expression which will be the vehicle for you to demonstrate Cosmic Power in the near future.

if memories of old relationships come up, bless and release the hurt or misunderstanding of the pastto find more power in understanding you are not that now.

“We now enter a time of turning toward new directions, and will find stability as we learn to enjoy ourselves and the pace of the process.

“Take responsibility, and take note of how to use power in the most responsible way. If you find yourself involved with people who are overly aggressive or assertive, or who you feel are providing resistance to your process, claim your power to move beyond their control.

“We are now in a time of finishing our ‘liberating ordeal,’ and great redemption will be found in a greater vision and group work which mobilizes you, offers you deeper relationships and experiences, and the chance to leave the past behind. 

With all my heart~😉🙏💚💖