The fear around you is a representative of a population out of touch with their own power-the power of Spirit, and the power of the unconscious.
Unconscious is teaching you new lessons about the nature of reality and the nature of Self. 

During times like these, where you feel that you are left in the dark, you need to strengthen up and project yourself even more truthfully into your environment than ever before, instead of having “hope” to evade pain and suffering. Remember that you originally came from the dark of the womb of life and as nature and time goes, you came into the light of life.

The time is "Now" to remain strong, whilst softly and lovingly speaking your truth - without backing down in the face of oppression, depression and other people oppinions. Gently share your most vulnerable truths, wounds, and pain with those you truly and deeply trust and love. You can do this, and you will do it… together, not alone. 

Reach out and embrace your truth.
Love, love to all those who are suffering, losing, and grieving, as you heal your wounded warrior within.

Return to the truth that Love is the most powerful force within you first, for all that is and in the universe, and that it our Love for each other that going to cure this virus and any other imbalances that befalls humanity.

Let’s get it together, work together, take time and love the yoga together+last but not least heal together.💗