With the Full Moon in Libra tomorrow we have another chance to release and focus on change to expand, to rise beyond🙏

These Moon energies may amplify your current emotional state, which can be a great self-discovery tool, but can also be overwhelming. Develope a relationship with your soul, and the Divine within, to overcome the disharmony and pain caused by our apparent (insensitive) situation we're all in.This is a time to practice compassion, to remember that we are all hurting and struggling in our own ways, and to seek how we can lessen the load for ourselves means,  that we light the way for those around us.

Libra's ultimate goals of internal harmony, balance,  peace and oneness, can be achieved as you open your heart and bow your head to the heart. So be gentle and loving with yourself.

Balance and nourish Self with self-love. Know that balance and equilibrium are universal, they are everywhere all the time. They are in your experience, in what you see, and how you see it, in what you hear and how you perceive what you hear and how you feel about it. As balance and equilibrium are  invisible,  the inherent balance is hidden by your thoughts, your opinions and the conclusions you draw from a partial picture that only emphasizes the imbalances of your past experiences.The Universe is balanced in itself and your balance within comes as you align with this balance, as you accept that we are all in the same boat, battered by the winds and torrential rain of emotion, warmed by the sunshine and life-giving showers of spirit.

May the long time sun shine in your hearts  for infinite compassion to be our best friend🙏 and may the pure light within you and me guide our way on🙏😇