I pray you all bad a good meditation with this mantra chanting meditation and feel strongly connected to the childlike innocence you once came from. That innocence that sees everything but judges no thing, that innocence that  embraces every change with a smiling heart, that innocence  that connects you to all as one. 

The mantra says that you and every person share a common nucleus; a still point that is by nature infinite. It is both before and beyond our normal sense of time and space, and yet gives birth to all that is experienced in time and space. It is similar to what physicists call the quantum vacuum. It is an empty stillness from which all things arise

As that Oneness expresses, it takes the form of polarities. A basic polarity is you and others. You and me. Without stillness and depth in our heart, these seem different, opposed or unrelated. But as we attune to the depth within our own consciousness (Humee Hum) and listen to the depth in the other person (Tumee Tum) and place both sensitivities before the Infinite (Wahe Guru), we are multiplied.
I am Thine, in Mine

When we say, “I am thine, in mine” we are projecting our consciousness and connecting ‘my’ personal self to the sense of Infinity—to Thou. And it is my ‘Thou.’ It is my connection.


Then we say “MySelf!” We have been made whole in that connection and so we declare the reality of our Self. We witness and affirm our reality. We are clear, elevated, illuminated and real. Understand what we are connecting. I am thine in mine. We are speaking in a direct conversation with the Infinity of the Self.

Wahe Guru

Then we multiply that reality to Infinity with Wahe Guru. The affirmation takes us from polarity, to Oneness, to Infinity. The sound and syntax of the sounds bring us into relationship, realization and declaration.

Humee Hum

When we say Humee Hum it is the depth of my own sense of self and consciousness. It requires the heart center.

Tumee Tum

Then we say Tumee Tum and project the depth of the Other—the other person, the other thing, the unknown other. We come into a relationship—a Tantra of God’s play and power.

Wahe Guru

Once again, we exponentiate this polarity to Infinity with Wahe Guru. The realization and embodiment of the sutra “Recognize the Other Person is You” is accepted (beyond all our conscious and subconscious resistances) and accomplished with ease. All that is inside and all that is outside come together and are expanded in Wahe Guru.