Detoxification means cleansing the blood.

With each one of your heart beats, two million red blood cells are created and senfbt into your bloodstream. In these red blood cells, the complete attitude of your life -- at this very moment -- is recorded in the magnetic field of the red 'iron-rich' liquid. This is why you do meditations for eleven minutes -- it's a volume that is needed to create new blood. 

When you do meditations for thirty-one minutes or sixty-two minutes for 40/120 days you have additional volumes of newly created blood + a vast additional quantity of blood, all possessing an attitude that's fundamental to guiding your life . . . your intentional life. The body is run like a true democracy, and the red blood cells all have a vote as to who you are in any moment. Every time you tune into the divine master within you -- you are tuning into this democracy and it is a  relationship to infinity. Bring your metabolism into balance and resists disease in taking out the garbage with a healing Tibetan yoga and meditation class to cleanse the bloodstream!

See you on the mat🧘‍♀️
💡Hiroo class 13th Saturday  9:30-11:00
💡Shinmatsudo class14th Sunday 13:15-14:45