Many blessings on this profound SOLSTICE as the cosmic wheel turns!

In the darkness of this solar eclipse we are safe to let it all go, to be no-one and yet everything, sure in the knowledge we can make yourself anew at any moment and nothing can take away the essence of who you truly are. 

To return home to oneself in this way is an act of great power in an age when so much distracts you from doing so…

Silence calls you now, not to shut out the world but to understand it anew.

Take a moment, slow down, and move past the clouds of the recent past so you can better see your path instead and have a vision about your future in the now.

Be clear about your boundaries as well, and what is and is not healthy for you. 

“Ask yourself, what is healthy for me now? 
How can I best care for myself at this very moment?
“How are my boundaries?"

Be totally honest with yourself about what you are capable of and if you give yourself enough breaks when you need them. 

We are starting this Solstice off with a weekend special to guide you through profound changes available supported by these solar/lunar celestail portal opening events. 

27th Saturday 

Many of you know her alredy from our zoom meetings  " free your mind”

If you hope to join zoom meeting 
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