The Full Moon Eclipse energies tomorrow and our Full Moon special class @ Shinmatsudo.

(Re)building Systems 
The Capricorn Full Moon is about rebuilding systems and it’s up to you and me and our authenticity as the collective to visualize and point towards a direction. 

It is a time that is associated with maturity and self-mastery.

This Full Moon Eclipse is like the final revelation, a gift that teaches you something important about the past and brings to a conclusion an/some old karmic lessons.

Capricorn is pushing you to mature, to stop doubting your self and learn what you are truly capable of when you work hard and commit.
With the opposing Sun in Cancer, the Divine Feminine, who embodies as the Earth Mother, part of you rather wants to close the front door, create a pillow fort and make the world out there go away🙈🙉

Eclipses are “Cosmic Recyclers,” removing what is over and done in your life. Whilst an eclipse shuts down some elements in your life, you are to embrace newer, different ways of doing.
Whatever is taken away/falling apart, by this Eclipse, makes space for you to take a new look at how secure or insecure you feel about who you are and what you're here to do. This one helps you to understand why many things began to fall away in 2019 in your maturation process.

A new way of life is fermenting below the surface, and surrendering the past to feed the future is the way to go now!

The next few months require a lot of maturity and self-discipline/authority as you/we together move through a time of change. 
Let go off the unnecessary, with grace and a sense of surrendering, to a greater life in the becoming.

Dig up new treasures and create foundations for future plantations.

Change is possible. Change is imminent. But it takes it's time and needs your patience.

Give voice to your greatest ideal and Trust that Change is the only constant, a dependable refuge until you know without a doubt the sacred essence which feeds you, is from a different place.
Reclaim your moral autonomy and internal authority to develope a relationship with your soul and the Divine, within and without.

Together as One, we are standing on the intersection of Fate Street and Free Will Street at the corner of Eternity Boulevard.

See you on the  mat!