Imagine your body becoming an instruments through which your soul plays its music.

 The importance of breath is the most primary nutrient for these sacred and delicate instruments, even more than food, or water. 

When this primary nutrient is exposed to worlds pollution the oxiginlevel of your blood slows down its flow . 

Ancient yogis and rishis tought us that "whatever we breathe we believe". 

Every part of your physical body contributes to the biochemistry of your emotional body. 
Your positive, negative and neutral mind bodies interpret these signals as the feelings of your emotions and the lungs are the instruments in your body that take this primary information into the blood to nourish and direct each cell. The biochemical foundations are within each breath. 

Take care of your lungs tonight to deepen your breath. Connect this inspiration of breathing to the aspiration of your believing and enable your life to breathe your dreams!  

See you in the mat on Sunday😊class.