Re-Creation of the Self- Trust versus you are experiencing a clean for maintaining the spleen and the equilibrium of the stomach🙏

Through the process of metabolism you are continually recreating yourselves. The food that you ingest, is undergoing a transformative process & becomes part of you. Protein becomes flesh, carbohydrates become energy, the chlorophyl of plants becomes blood. This is a magical, alchemical process occurring every day which is necessary to sustain you.

Like the alchemical process utilized to transform lead into gold, your body uses digestive "fire" to transform foreign substance into something that is precious : vital energy/chi/Prana and blood. The purpose of internal alchemy is life in sustained vitality: using the natural digestive capacity (apana energy)

The stomach/gut is the origin of your feeling. From here you begin to have an emotional response to your environment and you develope likes and dislikes. The reasoning component of this like and dislike begins to develop through the work of the spleen.

which transforms the blood, destroys red blood cells used and makes new ones.

At a spiritual level, it serves as the central communication and all the energy that is generated through expanded consciousness meditation.
So on the physical plane, the spleen is responsible for increasing your defences and spiritually you feel protected and trustful.

See you on the mat this weekend ⭐️