Burn the subconscious to receive“Life as Love”
I remember the lesson that love is only a bunch of commotion’s that we call love but it’s not. Love is an elevated Self, love doesn’t have emotions, feelings,

commotion get it (?).Mmmh, did I agree- No+I still do'nt🤣

Love is a reality within each ones reality and when there is a lot of subconscious causing fears of loss, jealousy or simple disagreements,  stress, tension and frictions are there to move us.....either forward in togetherness or seperated from each other. When there is true  love & committment to authenticity which integrates a strong nervous system, the heart beat will stay regular, breath stays deep and a disagreement can be carried out in a harmonious, calm, peaceful state. But when you do not love/appreciate yourself, live with more doubts and/or self denial you cannot love
anybody truly. So therefore you cheat yourself and others in pretending all is ok which in return weakens the nervous systems, breath becomes more shallow, thickens the blood etc.

Commotion within becomes commotion without. Work on your heart and nervous strength tonight with some deep therapeutic meditations, so you can perceive Life as Love! Sat Nam🙏