Full Moon in Aquarius Aug 4th This full moon will square Uranus in Taurus which only means one thing: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED or Be Surprised
Sun and Moon oppose one another in Leo and Aquarius meaning : right brain vs left brain. 
An energy that is inherently empowering and liberating. 
The Leo sun is shining her light from the heart, representing your childhood and self-expression in the mix with an Aquarian Moon emanating from the analytical frontal cortex. At this full moon, a dose of Aquarian rationale suffuses Leo’s impulsive, creative heart.
It’s a time to transform old psychological boundaries and make space for healthier paradigms to emerge. Aquarius is synonymous with change and movement. He is the emancipator, the uprising, evaporating psychological binds, bonds, and tethers with a wink of his magic turquoise eyes. Uranus, the Great Awakener and ruler of Aquarius, uses sudden twists of fate to rouse you from the deceptive slumbers of assuming you know who you are…and alchemizes the cauldron of humanity.
Within this axis, Aquarius (humanitarian) and Leo (Self), YOU become the change.
So keep your focus on your Self and do what you feel moved to do in creating a space for others to be informed and inspired by your actions, but led by their own free will, rather than through any kind of pressure or intimidation.
Everything is shifting right now, and it is a time to access the higher mind and take a broader wide view.
Be encouraged to witness what is being illuminated and unhinged from the ties of collective oppinion to continue to unfurl who YOU truly are.
It is an (r)evolutionary time that is encouraging us all to embody our true essence.
These are the keys that open the doors to new perceptions.
Allow your visions to cocreate a new world as you continue to expand your own consciousness and see things from a different angle. With that you help to turn the tide as liberation begins within You🙆‍♀️