Dear All🙏 

Its all in the blood
With each of your heart beats two million red blood cells are created and sent into your bloodstream. In these red blood cells, the complete attitude of your life, at this 'Now' moment, is recorded in the magnetic field of the red 'iron-rich' liquid. This is why you do meditations for 11 minutes as it's a volume of newly created blood. And when you do meditations for 31 or even 62 minutes, it is because these are additional volumes of newly created blood. 

We do meditations for 40 days 90/120 and and even thousand days for a vast additional quantity of blood, all possessing an attitude that's fundamental to guiding your life, your intentional life.  
Know your heartfelt abilities, cleanse your blood and lift all those around you like an ocean of tides. It’s within you to lift and shift this moment into forever!