Personal authenticity, authority, and integrity are requirements for both participation in community and for co-creation with the Divine. It is y-our personal responsibility to shine the light of the soul, which is the energetic foundation for both self-realization and for establishing your Divine connection. It is the light of your soul that integrates into the universal (and global) whole of which you are each a unique and vital part. So don’t get lost lost in your very own story based on belief! Get found instead in trust and truth of heart MATTERS!
Activate your inner light and cultivate your auric radiance. With this your goals are (1) to awaken the light in your mind, (2) to awaken your heart light, and (3) to shine your light so brightly that your radiance attracts to you what you need and works for you in magical ways.
 Hold your center in your spine, your heart, and neutral sacred space in a self loving way. Consolidate your center and find Your Self!