Everything that exists before it 'becomes' a-life, is a circular pattern that is never broken - the same as the river never stops running. Every inhalation is the birth of a lifetime, every exhalation a 
'good bye'.
Celebrate the 'New' within you -- Birth is not the beginning, it is a transition. 
Deepen your awareness with it when you connect to your breath and celebrate this moment of birthing a new 'Hello' cause all of your transition moments are so prescious. 
Every birth of new life is the elimination of the need for familiarity/the old paradigm . . . in your inhalating moment there’s something so brand new and completely ancient/known, the meeting point of awareness . . . all at once. 
A river, that’s been winding its way through all of infinity, has temporarily become the waters contained within you and your body . . . the river is now the ocean of your lifetime with a deep connection to all those souls who flow with you through its stillness, rapids or water- falls - your relations. 
Now, at the birth of this brand 'New', like a child enters this world, experience the joy and the prayers of all those many surrounding, the relations of so many moments throughout all your breathing moments.
Welcome the oceans that are born from all rivers and honor the entire length of the endless rivers that gave birth to each sacred moment. See the sun rise on a 'New' Ocean of Love, and a 'great Eagle' is watching over it all🙏 
May the long time sun shine upon you and all love surround you💗