Sat Nam and Happy Poya/Full Moon Day🙏
Beyond your Hidden Greatness🙏 
Every soul is perfect, pure and Divine at the start. There is nothing to redeem or purify at the soul level. The Soul is complete and beautiful as it is. But life is based on circumstances, how you perceive them and your habits how to live with them. Habits define You to Yourself and to other people. By your habits, you can live in peace and happiness or create perceived limitations. When you change your habits and patterns, everything around you can change.

If you are getting tired of leading (a)/ the way, tired of balancing and exalting yourself or even feel like returning back to old (familiar) habits or want to hide . . . 
have the courage to "keep-up" . . . keep moving forward and growing beyond with the knowledge that you're doing something outstanding. 
You do have the Power to choose and act from your exalted Self, regardless of the hallenges surrounding.
Know that you're setting off ancient evolutionary Red-Flags and Alarms . . . Congratulations on your wondrous growth!