The chemistry of Sacred
There is a chemistry to the 'SACRED' within. It is the driving force of all life and you find it in the longing to belong, to connect to all that surrounds you. 
The constant sound (noise) of the outer world is what often programs us to lose touch with the honest chemistry of the 'SACRED'. Cerebral spinal taps have revealed that there's a distinct photonic-CRYSTAL  structure in the fluid that flows in the spine and surrounds the brain . . . this is the source that actually communicates this honest longing within and around the physical body. Reconnect with your inner sacred wisdom, as you
align the Nano Crystal fluids of your body, to make honest connections, and ultimately connect to the universal mind -- your highest source of clear thoughts.


 This Full Moon in Gemini is the Light of an expanded focus expressed in a careful aim at whatever target you choose for. It’s time to take the intensity of "THIS time" and find peace in the higher Truths you’ve been practicing for the last 7 years.

 We all need a bigger Story so that we can gear all our creativity towards healing Self and the Earth from long centuries of depression and fear.This is equally  a lunation for “before the beginning” the same as an emergence of new ideas and understanding of potential futures.

All Eclipses are 

“Cosmic recyclers,” 

taking away what is heavy or de-magnetizing in your live.

 Are you experiencing breakthroughs in your perception that at some times are unnerving and other times inspiring? Know, that this is a mercurial or Gemini eclipse, which asks your mental flexibility — the psychic space to change your mind, which gives you the freedom to make shifts, and align with the leading edge of your soul purpose.

 The deepest layers of the subconscious are giving up their  attachments now. What will you glean from all this, in a time of great pressure to grow, adapt and constantly rearrange the pieces?
You’re able to read a situation on many levels, as in with the negative mind ( your inner warning system or protective mind), positive mind (seeing into the expansive possibilities of a situation) and neutral ( the meditative and soul connected) mind - once arrived at the neutral, you are able to trace psychic responses back to their origins. And the saving grace, is the heightened intuition and encouragement to see the bigger picture — with the Gemini-Sagittarius line illuminated!

With this Illumination, the next two weeks involve teaching and being taught more effective responses to challenges to help you sharpen your sense of purpose. Remember your connection with the World Soul, your Wisdom, and your greater dedication. It is about valuing humanitarian expressions, showing loyalty to your friends, and display the vaster spiritual awareness you share with All.

 Be open to a broader social or emotional understanding, and see how we’re all “each other’s keeper.” Life is about sharing, educating,  and being educated, and sometimes you have to stretch your boundaries to break through the cultural matrix.

 Be aware of the interests and needs of your true Self and be courageous enough to express how to bring your service to help us all hold our place in the scheme of things. Discover new ways of giving and receiving information and anticipate things to come while finding peace after the recent storms.

 Work with the waves of one moment at a time, to accumulate better moments. Show faith and hope to expose the joy that’s a part of all times, and last but not leadt - breathe prosperity into the needs of those less fortunate all over the world. Many Full Moon blessings to All🙏 😇


Yesterday I was asked by one student "Why do my practice Tibet Yoga?

I felt truly blessed by this simple question with such a deep background, especially because many of you who are regulars just experience without ever asking🙏 

The Tibet yoga energy is an energy of your highest awareness and it is naturally dormant and rests at the 
'dan-t'ian' point, a physical nerve center in the middle of your lower abdomen. It is in this same region where you start digesting - not only food - it contains all your emotional&sexual/creative/productive energies.

 All the movements + meditation practices have specific purposes for stimulating this area. They not only awaken your emotional energies -- they awaken the dormant kundalini. When the energy of the kundalini uncoils under this stimulation, it moves from the lower centers, to the heart center, and then from the heart center, into the higher centers of awareness.

The nature of a Tibet yoga practice is not only to become sublimely intuitive+enlightened, but to be fully involved in the world . . . this is called an “lightfull householder.” The difference between the roles of ‘worldly’ and ‘spiritual’ -- are merely angles of perception. Like the emotions of fear and excitement - they are the exact same sensations with simple shifts in the angle of perception. Excitement looks toward hope - fear looks away from hope. By stimulating and raising the kundalini, you master these angles . . . not only finding hope, but transmuting your fears into excitement, and then excitement into inspiration. Move your emotional energies today and shift their angles of perception into experiencing your highest experience of Self to simply being alive . . then practice being alive in sharing your light🙏


Self-Love Therapy
Parental and cultural programming leads often 
to believe that focusing on yourself is sel-fish. 
If you need an excuse to transition yourself into the self-love mode, imagine that how you treat yourself impacts the lives of others. When you treat yourself poorly, others suffer too. Your pain creates pain in the collective unconscious. Everyone gets a dose. When you treat yourself well, others benefit. We all share the same world, collective consciousness and Universe. Self-love therapy for ourselves means healing for all.
Be kind to yourself and walk in the territory of self-love. In the field of self-love nourish your body, enrich and empower your emotions, open the flower of your heart, and expand into the Light of your soul. 


Full Moon in Aquarius Aug 4th This full moon will square Uranus in Taurus which only means one thing: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED or Be Surprised
Sun and Moon oppose one another in Leo and Aquarius meaning : right brain vs left brain. 
An energy that is inherently empowering and liberating. 
The Leo sun is shining her light from the heart, representing your childhood and self-expression in the mix with an Aquarian Moon emanating from the analytical frontal cortex. At this full moon, a dose of Aquarian rationale suffuses Leo’s impulsive, creative heart.
It’s a time to transform old psychological boundaries and make space for healthier paradigms to emerge. Aquarius is synonymous with change and movement. He is the emancipator, the uprising, evaporating psychological binds, bonds, and tethers with a wink of his magic turquoise eyes. Uranus, the Great Awakener and ruler of Aquarius, uses sudden twists of fate to rouse you from the deceptive slumbers of assuming you know who you are…and alchemizes the cauldron of humanity.
Within this axis, Aquarius (humanitarian) and Leo (Self), YOU become the change.
So keep your focus on your Self and do what you feel moved to do in creating a space for others to be informed and inspired by your actions, but led by their own free will, rather than through any kind of pressure or intimidation.
Everything is shifting right now, and it is a time to access the higher mind and take a broader wide view.
Be encouraged to witness what is being illuminated and unhinged from the ties of collective oppinion to continue to unfurl who YOU truly are.
It is an (r)evolutionary time that is encouraging us all to embody our true essence.
These are the keys that open the doors to new perceptions.
Allow your visions to cocreate a new world as you continue to expand your own consciousness and see things from a different angle. With that you help to turn the tide as liberation begins within You🙆‍♀️